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Updated 2-28-2023



***Kurisumasu Perturbation aka Perty, Blue-Cream Point & white longhair and of course, blue-eyed. Perty is a GRAND PREMIER in just 3 shows.  She's a sweetheart. She'll be done with her show career End of April!   $1100.  She'll be just 1 yr old and of course already spayed.  She loves shows, travels well, and love to give hugs and kisses. Pictured at cat show in Ontario, 1-15.

PERTY HAS A NEW HOME!  She joins Mom Karen after the show season!

Kurisumasu Maxima, neutered, shorthair cream spotted tabby/white colorful odd-eyed neuter  $900. AVAILABLE NOW!

MAX IS A GRAND!  He and sister Shoko both excelled at the cat show, DEC 4-5..  These two youngsters gave their mom the title of Distinguished Merit (D.M.) which means she has FIVE Grands now!

****Kurisumasu Ronin, aka Ronnie, shorthaired cameo patterned/white,neuter, beautiful flashy color, Ronin only needs 8 more points. He's only 20 mos. old.  We're hoping by the end of March!!!  $750. 


PIctures  will be coming soon.

***Kurisumasu Wascally Wabbit, red and white odd-eyed shorthair neuter. Will start alter shows in January, neutered already.  Will be $1100 when available.  Went to his first show 1/7-9/23 and is 2/3 of the way to grand. Next show March 18.  He's just 9 mos. old.  Remember, these guys & gals already altered! Outgoing.  Mix and match all three boys... they all live together and wouldn't mind having each other. Ask about special pricing for two.


****This is Kojin. Rescue.  Email for more info. Asking for $250 (neuter)  and shipping.  A sweetie and not his fault he has been given up.  3 years old.    KOJIN now has a new home.


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