Listed kittens are placed to approved homes on a first-come, first-served basis

The only way a kitten is held is by a deposit, first come, first serve.

Mama Kya had boys and 4 will definitely be available January

Mama Penny will have one baby  available also January 1.

No pictures for 3-4 weeks, but deposits accepted.  We already have one deposit!

See the Retired show page as there a limited number of retired show cats.





A $250 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a kitten or adult. Deposits can be made via personal check, cashiers check, money order, but Paypal is fast and sure.
Paypal to oregonjbt@  If using Paypal you can send your payment using the tab "Send money to friends or family" and there is no fee. 

Shipping or delivery:  Shipping is from Portland, Oregon (PDX) and shipping costs are usually $350-375 anywhere in the USA. This includes airfare, carrier, health certificate, new home made "cozy" kitty bed.  I ship using Alaska and Delta. Between the two carriers most places are "covered."  Alaska does not have temperature restrictions for shipping, although some airports do!

Retired show cats start at $700 and they are already altered.  Most are under 4 years old. Some of our older adults are free to approved loving homes.

Consider two!
Bobtails love other Bobtails and also, most get along
great with the family
dog. Actually they are
more like "pack" animals... love the whole family pack.


We do not place our babies in homes where they will be allowed to roam outdoors, nor in homeswhere they will be declawed. 
All pets are sold on strict neuter/spay agreements. The adults are already altered. The additional cost to have your pet neutered or spayed prior to delivery will be $250 for a female or $175 for a male.

Cats with breeding rights
will be placed with reputable, established  breeders and on strict CFA show contracts.  No trades.  Our prices for breeding cats for this start at $1800.  Newbies are welcome.

Interested NEWBIES
contact me.

Shorthaired kitten prices range from $1200.
Longhaired pet prices
range from $1200.
Add $100 for each
unique feature: blue or
odd-eyes,  silver, dilutes
MI-KEs start at $1200
Mi-ke (Calico)
Good Luck Cat of Japan

Top Show Quality cats
start at

The prices listed do not include the cost of
neutering or spaying.

Add $300 for this service.
The prices listed do include
a one -year guarantee
against any life-threatening genetic defects or chronic health problems upon the written documents from a licensed Veterinarian.
If you are interested in any of the kittens shown, we will hold it for you only after we receive a deposit.

 If you see a baby who you adore, please contact  me immediately by email..   Kittens do not
last on the kitten page normally!


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